We all have greatness within us!



We know that within the seed of every plant or tree is hidden the mature plant or tree which in itself has the potential and ability to yield more seeds to produce more of its own kind.


We find it easy to look at a seed like an acorn, for example, and we’re able to easily imagine and accept that this acorn will become an incredibly big and magnificent oak tree.  However, when it comes to human beings, because we typically are unable to perceive the seeds of greatness within ourselves, we have no idea of how great we can actually become and what all we can achieve in this lifetime.


If we were to have a clear understanding upfront of what we could become in our lifetime, we would pursue that greatness with far more vigor.  But because we do not fully perceive or know how our lives will turn out in the end, we don’t typically live as fully as possible.

Because there has never been another one of us, an exact replica who went ahead and modeled the life we would live, we don’t fully grasp the extent of who we could become, everything we could overcome, all that we could achieve and the full impact that we could make in this world during our lifetime.


Our typical life experience is not one where each person is raised and treated as an absolutely unique individual with completely different abilities to any other human being.  As a species we might look similar, have the same features and appear to grow the same way, however, within each of us there is a priceless uniqueness which gives us priceless value in this world and we not raised with a mindset to understand or respect this within one another.

Instead, in our upbringing we have mostly been conditioned to compare ourselves and to compete with others in an attempt to prove “we are good enough” to be fully acknowledged!

Competition in certain spheres of life is very healthy and produces a lot of opportunity for growth and can be very enjoyable both for the competitors and the spectators.  Take sporting events for example – there would be no excitement or joy if there was never a winner. Without competition there would never be an opportunity for the outstanding sportsmen and -women to showcase their extraordinary abilities.


On the other hand, the competition that is harmful is when we live our lives comparing ourselves to other people and there’s that feeling of “I have to prove that I’m better than you” or “I have to prove that I am worthy of love, approval, acceptance and/or recognition.”  Striving for validation is both exhausting and it also repels other people.  It is one of the biggest hindrances in life.


What makes for a really enjoyable life is to understand that greatness  already lies within us and to also understand that within us lies unlimited opportunity for growth on so many levels – growth in character, in life-long learning, in skills, in abilities, in overcoming obstacles and challenges, in the vision we have for our lives and our careers, in our ability to set and reach incrementally higher goals, in connecting deeper with ourselves and with other people. There are just so many things available to us in our lives that we can pursue and unlimited opportunities to experience growth.


When we take away the “stress and burden” of proving our worth in this world and we stop striving to “find” our greatness and we simply embrace the idea that we are already great, that greatness already resides within us, we can start to really enjoy this journey called life.


Unlike the trees of a forest who mostly grow in the same way and mostly look the same, we are made up with such an incredible array of “components” that provide us with the the ability to create our own life experience.  We are the only species on earth who have the ability to consciously create specific outcomes in our lives … that is greatness right there.  The only thing that stops us from recognizing this, is the mental conditioning we have experienced in life.  It is truly that simple!!

With a mental conditioning that proves you already have greatness within you, your job is to simply accept and embrace your greatness and then to live, work and interact from that consciousness.


Imagine a world where we could recognize that WE ALL HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN US!!


Research has shown that it is possible that up to two-thirds of employees may not necessarily be fully engaged in their jobs. This could be as a result of being unhappy with something or someone inside (or outside) their work environment, they could be bored, they could have health issues, they could be under-skilled or over-qualified, their work space could be physically uncomfortable … the list just goes on and on with a myriad of possibilities for this lack of engagement.

No matter what the reasons, there is one over-riding aspect that can make a huge difference – and that is the environment in which employees work. Irrespective of personal issues, skill levels, education, health challenges, physical layout of the working space or any other factor, it has been proven that working in a positive, supportive environment where one feels loved, accepted and appreciated, can have a dramatic impact on the morale and productivity levels of those employees.

The ability to stay focused and engaged, even in the face of less-than-perfect working conditions, is of great value both to the employee’s mental and emotional well-being as well as to the company’s overall performance.

Do you have a strategy to ensure that all the blocks have been ticked when it comes to knowing what all needs to be factored in, in order to create this type of environment? The Diamond Mastery System has a multi-faceted approach to ensure this very outcome!
What kind of a day do your staff have on a daily basis?

Have you ensured your staff have a harmonious work environment to come to every single day, or is more like a war-zone?

But, you might say, it’s the employees who squabble amongst themselves and create their own hostile environment.  So does that let you, the owner of the company, off the hook?  Absolutely not!

Think about this … it’s YOUR company and what happens between your staff will ultimately be reflected to your clients.

What image do you want portrayed of your company?

What kind of service do you want your clients to receive?

And this great service … would you prefer it to come from disgruntled or stressed our employees, or from employees who are genuinely contented and smiling from their “hearts?”

Do you think your clients will perceive the difference?  If so, it might be a valuable exercise to observe your employees’ interaction amongst each other and the general atmosphere in their work environment.  This will be an invaluable exercise.  If you find things are not quite up to standard, take corrective measures that will positively impact on the working environment and well-being of your employees.

The Diamond Mastery System provides the ideal tools and support in order to create this type of environment.
The true beauty and value of a gem is only seen after it has been cut and polished.

Some gems are found more obviously than others.  You could find them lying on the surface of the ground in open sight, however, the more valuable stones, usually have to be mined – often at very great depths and brought to the surface before they can be cut and polished to reveal their true beauty and value.

Often in business we employ our staff based on their qualifications, skills and experience levels that match a particular job – so in other words – it’s about matching a job description with someone who can achieve those objectives and deliver on the outcomes you want.  However, if businesses would take the time to get to the “heart” of a person and not only look at their “hands,” or the work they can do, they would find a whole lot more unexpected value … they could possibly find some truly highly valuable and beautiful gems.

For example, a person in the operational section of a business may be brilliant at aesthetics and could come up with the most amazing ideas to re-decorate a reception area or re-arrange office spaces so they are more aesthetic and functional, thus leading to higher productivity.

Someone else, for example, may be highly empathetic and given the chance, may keep a roster and do something special for each person’s birthday. 

Whilst some employees may say they don’t have time for such things, they may be amazed at how the engagement level and job-satisfaction rapidly escalate for the person who has been allowed to operate from their “heart space” as well as from the “head” and “hands” space.

Have you ever taken the time to uncover the hidden gems in your business?  If not, you could be losing out on significant value being added to your current business operation. 
The Diamond Mastery System addresses the value of employees as one of its multi-faceted approaches to improving employee engagement and retention.
The costs of replacing an employee who resigns from a company can be staggering.  Often companies do not work out the actual costs incurred but stats show that it can cost anything from 30% to 150% of the person’s annual salary – depending on the position held within the company.  When it comes to replacing company executives, there could be such expenses as relocation costs, accommodation and other benefits that go with the position along with all the other expenses associated with employees at the lower end of the job spectrum as well, amongst others  including expenses associated with advertising positions, recruitment agency expenses, training, and reduced productivity for at least 3 months while the new employee settles into the position and adapts to the company culture.

With such staggering costs, it would be a hugely valuable exercise for companies to firstly identify the real reasons why their employees resign and secondly to put appropriate strategies into place to curb these, often, unnecessary expenses.  The Diamond Mastery System provides the strategy needed to do just this!  This system comprises a multi-faceted approach from an assessment tool that is used to establish the exact gaps within the employee’s daily working experience, through to a step-by-step process which management is able to roll out – coupled with coaching support and accountability processes.